How do I submit data to Chrome River?

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A number of Coviant customers use Diplomat MFT to guarantee successful expense and billing management by automating reliable, secure data submissions to Chrome River with SFTP.

The Process: Managing expenses is a fundamental process for every organisation. Law firms, for example, need to reconcile client-billable travel and expenses and many use Chrome River for this.

The Problem: Relying on an employee to manually submit data to Chrome River is unproductive, unreliable and expensive. Tasking a suitably skilled employee to sit down and create, debug, manage and troubleshoot a series of scripts is also problematic.

The Solution: We have a number of law firm customers who use Diplomat to automate submissions of all this data securely and reliably to Chrome River.

Case study

One such Coviant customer is a major regional law firm with multiple branch offices. They use Chrome River to manage internal expenses, billable expenses – including attorney time and resources – and to reimburse partners and associates. This is a critical process for revenue generation, as well as controlling and accounting expenses in order to protect the bottom line.

They use Diplomat MFT to easily and securely automate their back-office delimited data submissions to Chrome River, where it joins other sources such as individual employee smartphone app submissions.

They chose Diplomat MFT for a number of reasons:

  • The streamlined ‘point-and-click’ reliable workload automation allows them to submit data either on-demand or via Diplomat’s sophisticated and flexible scheduler.
  • Diplomat MFT allows them to go above and beyond familiar protocols like SFTP, all at a fraction of the cost of the competition.
  • Diplomat’s wealth of connectors and additional workflow capabilities empower integration with all manner of other endpoints that require secure data exchange.

By working with Coviant experts, who have a proven history of focused knowledge around secure file transfer, they were able to go from concept to production in a matter of hours.


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