How-to Automate Wayfair SFTP EDI Transfers with Diplomat MFT

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How To Use Diplomat MFT To Automate Wayfair Flat File Transfers

Step 1: Fill out Wayfair’s DIR (Data Integration Requirements) Form

Download and complete Wayfair’s “Data Integration Request” form, which you obtain from your Wayfair technical contact.  You may email “edi@wayfair.com” to obtain the required form.  Choose “SFTP Direct Connection” for the connectivity option.

Step 2: Install Diplomat MFT

Download Diplomat MFT and install it onto a server system (physical server or virtual machine) within your secure network, or in your Cloud.  This needs to be a machine that is always running, such as an application server, print server, or file server.

Step 3: Configure A Diplomat Transaction for Send and Receive

You will need to set up two transactions for Wayfair — one to send files and one to retrieve files from the Wayfair SFTP Server.  Both will use the authentication credentials provided to you by Wayfair.  Diplomat MFT supports SSH client key authentication, which adds more security to your account than just a password, so we strongly recommend you use both a password and SSH key.  One transaction will pull files from the Wayfair SFTP Server’s “/outgoing” folder into your network, while another will push files from your network to the Wayfair SFTP server’s “/incoming” folder.  Set the schedule in Diplomat MFT to execute every hour.

Step 4: Configure Notifications

Diplomat MFT will automatically push and pull your flat files to and from Wayfair’s SFTP Server, so you can sit back and relax. But if any errors do occur, you will want to know about them. So be sure to set up an email, Slack, or MS Teams alert whenever there is a warning or error in the Wayfair SFTP processing.  That way, you will know of any error in real time, and can use the monitoring and logging tools of Diplomat MFT to triage the situation.

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Wayfair provides an excellent platform for selling your product; however, data integration can be a daunting task.

If you need to transfer flat files or EDI files between your company and Wayfair, SFTP is the most secure, reliable, and versatile mechanism.  But how can you easily automate the file transfers without writing your own fragile shell scripts, CRON jobs, and complex or unreliable tools?

Answer: Use Diplomat MFT, the best-value Managed File Transfer platform that can send, receive, host, and retrieve.

Diplomat MFT provides enterprise-class secure file transfer automation at SMB prices so you can easily automate Flat File or EDI transfers to and from Wayfair.

Diplomat MFT can help you to automate file transfer workflows in an easy to use, secure manner.  Our product always implements the latest security techniques — including SFTP with SSH Key Authentication — and our expert support staff can assist with any configuration questions on setting up Diplomat MFT for data exchanges with Wayfair.

With robust scheduling options, strong security, and status notifications through email, Slack, or Teams, Diplomat MFT is the most cost-effective tool you can use to integrate with Wayfair.  Our affordable and fully automated solution supports auditing, reporting, archiving, and notifications ensure enterprise class functionality.  Diplomat MFT also supports file transfer over many protocols including local network, SFTP, FTP/S, HTTP/S, and Cloud Storage providers:  AWS S3, Azure Blob/Files, Google Cloud Storage, Oracle Cloud Storage, Box, Dropbox, and Citrix Sharefile.

  • Centrally Manage File Transfers.
    Diplomat MFT
    centralizes the management and automation of file transfers.  With the industry’s strongest cryptography, you can rely upon Diplomat MFT to protect the sensitive files that are sent when moving data from anywhere, to anywhere.
  • Automate the file delivery process.
    Use Diplomat MFT’s robust scheduler, you can easily configure when to transfer data from local network drives, or servers such as SFTP and FTP.  Whether it is a once-a-day transfer, or periodically throughout the day, or even on-demand file transfers, the Diplomat MFT scheduler supports your needs.  Diplomat supports calendar exclusions so files are not transferred on bank holidays.  There is a CLI and REST API available as well.
  • Visibility into Workflows
    Diplomat MFT
    provides visibility into your workflows so you never have to wonder if automated file transfers were executed. With full audit trails, file archiving, and notifications over email, Slack, or Teams, Diplomat MFT has you covered when managing your file transfers.
  • World class support.
    With the highest customer support ratings in the industry, Coviant Software has you covered.  If you run into problems integrating with Wayfair or need help with your complex workflows, our friendly and knowledgeable support staff are ready to help.

Diplomat MFT is the perfect tool to easily automate your data integration with Wayfair.  Increase your operational efficiencies while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.  With best-in class support and the best value solution on the market, Diplomat MFT make your data integration with Wayfair effortless.