How to extend your Enterprise Scheduler with Managed File Transfer Automation

“Diplomat Managed File Transfer made it easy for us to eliminate custom scripts and automate our encryption and secure file transfer process. We have had fewer errors since using Diplomat and, if a file transfer problem does occur, we are alerted right away.”

Ferris Rezvani

IT Infrastructure Manager, Experian Interactive

Investing in an Enterprise Scheduler ensures robust job scheduling. Their rudimentary file transfer capabilities, however, fall short of the secure, reliable, auditable, regulatory compliant capabilities of a Managed File Transfer solution. Diplomat MFT integrates seamlessly into Enterprise Schedulers to fill those gaps.

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) revealed in its RADAR for Workload Automation (WLA) report that “74% of respondents feel digital transformation requires more from their scheduling solutions, and 61% feel that the number of scheduling problems directly affecting the business outcomes is increasing.”

The Process: For many large organisations throughout the world, an Enterprise Scheduler is at the heart of critical business processes. It orchestrates the automation of routine tasks such as batch processing, report generation and delivery, system maintenance, data transfer and integration.

The Problem: When a business needs to move files in one of these automated workflows, an Enterprise Schedulers is often unable to deliver the complexities they need. Most modern Enterprise Schedulers’ built-in mechanisms for file system and rudimentary FTP/S or SFTP transfer do not support the complexities businesses need.

The Solution: Coviant Diplomat MFT delivers the file transfer complexities that Enterprise Schedulers lack. Combined, this delivers unparalleled security and operational efficiency for all data transfers and integrations.

Case Study

Some common Enterprise Schedulers include Cisco Tidal, BMC Control-M, HelpSystems JAMS, CA Automic and so on.

One Coviant customer – a large organisation – relied on theirs to deliver operational efficiencies. They used the rich automation capabilities to manage and monitor job streams, sequence job execution, schedule future jobs and handle errors.

When it came to moving files in one of these automated workflows though, they ran into problems. The Enterprise Scheduler fell short in the following areas:

  • It didn’t have features for file triggering semantics, file name translations, automatic retries and error handling;
  • It lacked end-to-end auditing, monitoring, alerts, archiving and retention;
  • It didn’t provide strong cryptography through SFTP, SSL and OpenPGP;
  • Like most Enterprise Schedulers, it was limited to a few basic protocols for file transfer (file system, FTP/S, and SFTP at best).

The company chose to use Diplomat MFT to complement their Enterprise Scheduler for a number of reasons:

  • It is a robust, reliable MFT solution that is laser focused on providing a high-value, easy-to-use solution for automating file transfers from any location, to any location.
  • It handles all the MFT complexities mentioned above and transfers files between many endpoints (File System, FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S, Email, AWS S3, Azure Files/Blob, Google Cloud Storage, Oracle Cloud Storage, Citrix Sharefile, Box, and Dropbox).
  • It comes with a feature-rich scheduler in its own right, but can also trigger file transfer workflows via a Command Line Interface (CLI) scripting agent, or a REST API.

As a result the company could simply define the file transfer workflow within Diplomat MFT, and invoke those transfers from the Enterprise Scheduler using the CLI or REST API.

With the power and capabilities of an Enterprise Scheduler orchestrating business processes – combined with the MFT capabilities of Diplomat MFT – businesses enjoy unparalleled security and operational efficiency for their data transfers and integrations within their organization, and with their supply chain, partners, and customers.

Get started with Diplomat today with a free trial and see how quick and easy it is to leverage these benefits.

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