Files to a trading partner using AS2 in Diplomat MFT

How to send files to a trading partner using AS2 in Diplomat MFT

AS2 is a great protocol for sending files securely and reliably, with receipted transfers. Diplomat MFT provides a simple mechanism for sending files to your AS2 trading partners.

AS2, or “Applicability Statement 2,” is a data transfer protocol. It was created to facilitate secure delivery of file transfers, using:

  • Digital certificates to authenticate both sender and receiver;
  • Data cryptography to protect the message itself;
  • Digitally signed receipts which provides non-repudiation of delivery.

AS2 is widely used in retail and other industries with a complex supply chain; especially industries where vendor/supplier communications and chain-of-custody are frequent and important. The mechanics of AS2, however, are complex and require time and expertise.

Diplomat MFT AS2 connector

The Diplomat MFT AS2 connector provides the complete AS2 sending functionality with easy-to-use configuration, consistent with the entire Diplomat MFT user interface. It is available in both Standard and Enterprise.

To deliver files to an AS2 server, you need to carry out the following steps. This just needs to be done once for each partner.

For your organization:

  • Obtain the SSL Certificate and Private Key for your organization. You can create one for the purposes of AS2 Transfers, if you wish;
  • Select an AS2 ID for your organization.

For the partner to whom you are sending files (the “trading partner”):

  • Obtain the SSL public certificate from the AS2 Server;
  • Obtain the AS2 ID from the AS2 Server. Each AS2 ID is unique to the company (or endpoint) that exchanges data using the AS2 protocol;
  • Obtain the AS2 URL that the partner provides for receiving data;
  • Obtain the username & password used to authenticate on the AS2 Server;
  • Deliver your public SSL certificate to your trading partner;
  • Inform them of your organization’s AS2 Identifier.

With these steps accomplished, you can update Diplomat MFT to import the SSL Certificates (yours and your partner’s), and enter the information into a Transaction, using the “AS2” Transport.

With just a few simple fields to configure, you now have the full capabilities of Diplomat MFT at your disposal:  Scheduling, testing, archiving files, auditing and reporting, and alerting.  AS2 becomes as simple, secure and reliable as all the other protocols which Diplomat MFT supports.

Get started with Diplomat today by filling out the form to your right. See how quick and easy it is to automate your secure file transfers to your AS2 trading partners easily, reliably, and will full auditing and alerting.


InfoTech Managed File Transfer Award

Diplomat Enterprise Edition is our corporate standard for managed file transfer. Diplomat’s central console lets us control all secure inbound and outbound file transfers from one location.

Mark Luquire

Identity and Access Management Manager CHRISTUS Health