Files to and from a Mainframe in Diplomat MFT

How to transfer files to and from a Mainframe in Diplomat MFT

Mainframes continue to be an important component in many businesses. IT teams must support integration with those systems in an operationally efficient manner. Diplomat MFT can easily transfer files to and from Mainframe systems.

The Process: Many businesses need to transfer data between their Mainframe system and other applications, requiring multiple integrations.

The Problem: Lots of solutions will integrate your Mainframe with other applications, but these can be pricey. Alternatively, scripting is time-intensive, costly and can difficult to maintain.

The Solution: With its simple configuration option in an intuitive user interface, Diplomat MFT takes the guesswork out of modern integrations with Mainframe systems.


Case study

Mainframes are the lifeblood of many large organizations. Fortunately, Mainframes have supported FTP and FTPS over SSL for many years, making it a natural choice for file-based integration of important systems. Such flexibility allows for cost-effective specialization, where Mainframes run the workloads they are best at, while commodity hardware or modern solutions, like Microservices, can handle other workloads at a better economy.

One Coviant customer needed to find an operationally efficient approach to integrating their applications and DevOps pipelines into their Mainframes. They chose Diplomat MFT for a number of reasons:

  • Diplomat MFT supports automation of FTP and FTPS transfers with scheduling and flexible rules for selecting files for transfer;
  • It provides full auditing and alerts to keep the IT team informed of workflows;
  • With Diplomat MFT, the organisation can easily choose FTP or FTPS connections to Mainframes in z/OS or AS/400 modes, where AS/400 can access both IFS and Library data sets;
  • Mainframe and AS400 systems are of course structured differently to Linux/Windows, and this can often cause problems with administrators needing to manually enter unusual configuration settings. Diplomat MFT handles the details of the FTP protocol that are specific to Mainframe communications and enforces high levels of security with SSL/TLS connections.

Get started with Diplomat today with a free trial and see how quick and easy it is to manage your Mainframe integrations.

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