Files Between Cloud Storage Vendors

Migrating files between cloud storage vendors using Diplomat MFT

An increasing number of companies are using cloud storage services for cheap, resilient, distributed file-based storage. Yet moving data between providers is complex. Diplomat MFT is a cost-effective solution to secure and automate these transfers.

The Process: There are many scenarios when businesses need to move data between cloud storage providers: Regulatory compliance, consolidating systems following mergers and acquisitions, migrating to a more cost effective provider or operating across multi-vendor solutions for risk management.

The Problem: Each cloud storage solution has its own specific tools. This makes it complex and time consuming to transfer data between them. Costs quickly escalate from developing, testing and maintaining home-grown solutions to automate file transfers between cloud storage vendors.

The Solution: Diplomat MFT automates and secures transfers, without the steep learning curve of multiple vendor toolkits.


Case Study

One Coviant customer – a utilities company – uses multiple cloud storage solutions for risk management. This provides cheap, highly resilient file storage, distributed across the globe for fast, regional access.

Each storage vendor offers their own rich toolkit, including a web-based interface, command line interface (CLI) and REST API access to the file services. These tools are specific to the vendor though, and the associated cost of learning them is high.

Rather than invest time and money on home-grown solutions to automate file transfers between cloud storage vendors, the organization opted for Diplomat MFT:

Diplomat automates the file transfers, costing less than two weeks’ of the companies typical DevOps engineer’s times.

  • The sophisticated automation, scheduling, auditing functionality and alerts for file transfer-based workflows are far more sophisticated than the cloud storage vendor tools.
  • Coviant Diplomat MFT supports automated transfers to and from the following:

           – Amazon S3
           – Azure Files
           – Google Cloud Storage
           – Oracle Cloud Storage
           – Citrix ShareFile
           – Dropbox
           – Box

  • Using Diplomat MFT, the company can create automated file transfer workflows using a simple ‘point-and-click’ configuration.


InfoTech Managed File Transfer Award


InfoTech Managed File Transfer Award

Diplomat Managed File Transfer made it easy for us to eliminate custom scripts and automate our encryption and secure file transfer process. We have had fewer errors since using Diplomat and, if a file transfer problem does occur, we are alerted right away.

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