What Are Cloud Storage APIs

Cloud Storage APIs

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What Are Cloud Storage APIs?

Cloud storage APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow users to integrate the movement of files to and from cloud storage sites into larger workflows and business processes.

Most popular cloud storage sites, like Dropbox, were designed to facilitate file sharing and collaboration between individuals and teams with automatic synchronization of files between the cloud and local systems.

The most recent files would always be accessible to the team. Moving files to and from the cloud could be accomplished manually using a desktop application, web site, browser, mobile app or other easily available technology. Once files arrived in the cloud, they were automatically available to all group members.

In addition to file synchronization and sharing (EFSS), most cloud storage vendors now offer proprietary APIs that enable movement of files to and from their sites. These interfaces typically support session authentication, data encryption while in transit, file integrity checking, creation of new folders and file renaming.

Many cloud storage API features are similar to traditional secure FTP servers. In addition, cloud storage sites almost always provide encryption at rest and authentication with keys or other other credentials in addition to username and password, which might make these sites more secure than FTPS or SFTP servers.

Although cloud storage APIs are available for most cloud storage sites, the API typically needs to be enabled and special credentials created before it can be used.

Select from the following for set-up instructions on how to enable APIs on popular cloud storage sites and use Diplomat MFT solutions for scheduling file transfer jobs:


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