Coviant releases new Force-powered File Transfer Protocol

by | Apr 1, 2020

Coviant Software is pleased to announce the release of a new energy-efficient, renewable, fault-tolerant file transfer protocol:  JEDI (“Jedi Enterprise Decoupled Integration“).  The protocol is able to move information at high speed across multiple media, independent of latency, due to the distributed and decoupled mechanics.

Utilizing advanced research from the University of Alderaan, the JEDI protocol is based upon the synthesis of silica-based midichlorians.  Once synthesized as silica, it was a natural next step to integrate these midichlorians into the microcode of CPUs (which, coincidentally, makes them immune from transient execution attacks such as Spectre and Meltdown).  With the universal collective subconscious of all midichlorians, the net result is that information propagation between separate CPUs is near-instantaneous through the use of The Force.

This uses an effect similar to quantum entanglement, but on a far more complex and distributed scale.  Inter-process data transfer is instant with unprecedented throughput.  We are excited for storage technology to catch up so we don’t have to wait for disk read/write times” says Ko Sai, chief scientist.

Early implementations were only available on Skywalker® processors, which were able to hold a sufficiently high density of midichlorians to harness the collective, universal power of The Force.  Advances in AI and ML, though, have allowed adaptive instruction set architectures within virtual machines to sufficiently emulate the distributed consciousness that the power of The Force can be co-opted with no additional hardware requirements.

Coviant Diplomat MFT has enabled this new uber-cloud protocol for transmission of files using The Force.  In addition to the traditional client-based configuration and REST API, the mechanisms also supports instinct-based configuration.  Simply don a blast shield, remain calm, and use The Force.  Your changes will be made faster than you can bullseye a womp rat from a T-16.

Contact us with any questions, our alliance is happy to help!

And, happy April Fool’s Day!


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