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Cerberus is a software developer and maker of a well known FTP server used by some organizations to host and receive files as a part of their secure file transfer process.  Cerberus FTP Server also offers rudimentary file transfer automation, but many customers are unsatisfied with the level of process automation available . And as an organization’s managed file needs increase in size, frequency, and complexity, Cerberus’ weaknesses–like a lack of integral PGP support and management and secure edge gateway–become even more apparent.

What’s more, Diplomat MFT is secure by design. Cerberus FTP lacks support for PGP encryption and has no Edge Gateway, so file transfers and authentication take place in an internet-accessible box, leaving files and accounts exposed to nefarious actors—a weakness that has been exploited by threat actors with devastating effect.  With Diplomat MFT’s Edge Gateway technology, secure file transfers are securely tunneled through to your back-end network without requiring any inbound holes in your back-end firewall, and neither files nor authentication is stored in the risk-laden, Internet-accessible DMZ.

If managed file transfer security, efficiency, and reliability is important to you, it’s time to step up to Diplomat MFT.

Why choose Diplomat MFT over Cerberus FTP?

Diplomat MFT is secure-by design. We use standard secure protocols like SFTP, PGP encryption, 2FA, and deploy behind your firewall. We also automate critical security processes like encryption/decryption, recipient confirmation, trouble alerts, and more. And in more than twenty years, Diplomat MFT has never let our customers down with a data breach. We prioritize “secure-by-design” to safeguard your data and your organization. 

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Compare Diplomat MFT with Cerberus FTP

Diplomat MFT offers these advantages over Cerberus FTP*

Users, Groups, Virtual File System
User IP Whitelisting
File Retention Policies
Folder Automation Events
Logging, Auditing & Reporting
24/7 Severity 1 Support Availability
Edge Gateway
OpenPGP File Encryption and Decryption
Powerful Automation
Cloud Storage Integration
Job Monitor Visibility
Sync and Replication
Remote Agent

*Research based on information available on Cerberus FTP website.


Our Diplomat Managed File Transfer (MFT) platform is a complete, purpose-built solution that replaces your Cerberus FTP server to provide all the automated, secure, enterprise-class MFT functionality you need:

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Built-in PGP encryption, decryption and management - no scripting required!

No-code event manager with virtually unlimited capacity and concurrency.

Supports point-and-click automated file transfers over numerous protocols, including: SFTP, FTP/S, HTTP/S, Local Filesystems, Network File Servers, AS2, and many cloud storage providers (AWS S3, Azure Files, MS Sharepoint, Google Cloud Storage, Oracle Cloud Storage, Box, Dropbox, Citrix Sharefile, Biscom Transit, and any S3 API compatible storage.

Automatic process data capture for complete auditability

Delivery notification and incident notification, integrating with your existing enterprise tools like Slack, MSFT Teams, email, and more.

Ethical and transparent pricing, and our industry’s best rated customer and technical support.

If you have questions, please reach out to schedule a discussion and quick demonstration of Diplomat MFT. Or you can take Diplomat MFT for a free 15-day test drive with no obligations.

Is Cerberus FTP safe and secure?

Cerberus FTP is a secure file transfer server that supports a variety of secure protocols, including FTPS, SFTP, and HTTPS. These protocols encrypt your data in transit, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to access it.

Cerberus FTP also offers a number of other security features, such as:

  • IP filtering: This allows you to restrict access to your server to specific IP addresses.
  • User authentication: Cerberus FTP supports a variety of authentication methods, including password authentication, SSH key authentication, and two-factor authentication.
  • File permissions: You can control who can read, write, and execute files on your server.
  • Activity logging: Cerberus FTP logs all activity on your server, so you can track who is accessing your files and what they are doing.

In addition to these features, Cerberus FTP is regularly updated with security patches to fix any vulnerabilities that may be discovered.

Overall, Cerberus FTP is a secure file transfer server that can be used to protect your data from unauthorized access.

Is Diplomat MFT more secure than Cerberus FTP?

Diplomat MFT is generally considered to be more secure than Cerberus FTP. This is due to a number of factors, including:

  • PGP encryption: Diplomat MFT supports PGP encryption for both inbound and outbound file transfers. This means that your files are encrypted both before they are sent and after they are received, making it very difficult for unauthorized individuals to access them.
  • Edge Gateway: Diplomat MFT’s Edge Gateway technology allows you to securely transfer files without exposing your back-end network to the internet. This is because the Edge Gateway acts as a proxy between your back-end network and the internet, and all file transfers are securely tunneled through it.
  • Audit logging: Diplomat MFT provides comprehensive audit logging that can be used to track all file transfers and user activity. This can be helpful for identifying and investigating potential security breaches.

In addition to these features, Diplomat MFT is regularly updated with security patches to fix any vulnerabilities that may be discovered.

Ideal Cerberus FTP AlternativeOverall, Diplomat MFT is a more secure file transfer solution making it a favourable Cerberus FTP alternative. If you are concerned about the security of your file transfers, then Diplomat MFT is a good option to consider.

Here is a table that summarizes the key security differences between Diplomat MFT and Cerberus FTP:

As you can see, Diplomat MFT offers a number of security features that are not available in Cerberus FTP. These features can help to protect your data from unauthorized access and make Diplomat MFT a more secure file transfer solution.

What are the drawbacks of using software that doesn’t allow for PGP Encryption?

Encryption is the backbone of secure managed file transfer. Encrypted files are useless to any party that manages to steal them, or who receive them in error. File transfer software that does not include support for automated PGP file encryption means those files will be vulnerable to compromise, or the user will have to create custom scripts, which is not easy or reliable.

Managed file transfer software should include automated encryption using PGP to ensure that all files are encrypted, no matter the scale or volume of transfers.

Using file transfer software that doesn’t allow PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption can have several drawbacks:

  • Lack of Data Privacy: Without PGP encryption, files transferred through the software are vulnerable to interception by unauthorized parties. This means that sensitive information can be accessed by hackers or anyone with malicious intent.
  • Risk of Data Breaches: In the absence of encryption, there is a higher risk of data breaches. If the file transfer software is compromised or if there are vulnerabilities in the system, it becomes easier for attackers to gain access to sensitive data.
  • Compliance Issues: Many industries and organizations are subject to data protection and privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA). Using unencrypted file transfer methods may lead to non-compliance with these regulations, resulting in legal and financial consequences.
  • Lack of Authentication: PGP encryption not only encrypts the data but also provides a means of authentication, ensuring that the recipient is who they claim to be. Without this, there is a risk of sending files to the wrong recipient or falling victim to spoofing attacks.
  • No Data Integrity Verification: PGP encryption also provides a mechanism for verifying the integrity of the data. If the data is altered during transit, PGP decryption will fail, indicating potential tampering. Without this, it’s challenging to ensure that the received data is unchanged.
  • Limited Security Controls: File transfer software without PGP encryption often lacks advanced security controls, such as expiration dates on files, password protection, or access controls. These features are crucial for managing and securing sensitive data.
  • Limited Trustworthiness: Users may be hesitant to use a file transfer system that lacks PGP encryption because they cannot be certain of the security of their data. This lack of trust can hinder collaboration and data sharing within an organization.
  • Dependency on External Tools: Users who require encryption may need to resort to external tools or services to encrypt files before transferring them, which can be cumbersome and may lead to errors.
  • Increased Administrative Burden: IT administrators may need to implement additional security measures or monitoring to compensate for the lack of encryption in the file transfer software. This can increase the administrative workload.
  • Loss of Competitive Advantage: In some cases, competitors or partners may offer file transfer solutions with PGP encryption. Using a less secure option could put your organization at a competitive disadvantage.

In summary, the absence of PGP encryption in file transfer software can result in significant security and compliance risks, potentially leading to data breaches, legal issues, and a loss of trust among users. Therefore, it’s essential to carefully consider the security features of file transfer solutions to protect sensitive data effectively.


What are the top 5 reasons why customers choose Diplomat MFT over Cerberus FTP?

Diplomat Managed File Transfer (MFT) and Cerberus FTP are both file transfer solutions, but customers may choose Diplomat MFT over Cerberus FTP for various reasons. Here are the top five reasons why customers might prefer Diplomat MFT:

  1. Support for PGP and automated PGP management to ensure files are encrypted before sending and when received.
  2. A robust scheduler that can manage virtually unlimited individual file transfer jobs, including thousands of concurrent transfers.
  3. As a complete secure managed file transfer solution, Diplomat MFT is secure by design and includes features such as PGP automation, support for encrypted transport using SFTP, automated process data capture for auditability, and multi-factor authentication.
  4. No-code simple workflow automation with recipient confirmation virtually eliminates the change of operator error, making Diplomat MFT reliable—even at enterprise scale usage.
  5. Diplomat MFT’s combination of security, automation, and data capture makes it the ideal managed file transfer solution for organizations that need to comply with various data security and privacy regulations and standards, like HIPAA / HITECH, SOX, GLBA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and more.

It’s essential for customers to evaluate their specific needs and priorities when choosing between Diplomat MFT and Cerberus FTP. The decision may depend on factors such as the level of security required, the complexity of file transfer workflows, the size and growth of the organization, and the importance of compliance with industry regulations.

Why is an edge gateway important for keeping file transfers secure?

An edge gateway is deployed in your network DMZ to monitor traffic and allow connections from authorized third parties, while also securing against attacks on your MFT software. When you use an edge gateway, your data and sensitive systems remain protected on your trusted internal network. Without an edge gateway your MFT software is vulnerable to attack because vital components are left exposed to the public internet where threat actors have access.

When combined with robust MFT solution features like multi-factor user authentication, automated PGP encryption management, SFTP support for encrypted transport, and process automation, an edge gateway ensures your managed file transfer software is as secure as it can be.

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