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Choose any available time for a live, personalized session. We will take the time to understand your specific requirements and goals–from simple tasks to enterprise-level workflow management. We will then show how Diplomat MFT empowers you to automate secure file transfer and encryption processes between any endpoints, including acting as an SFTP server endpoint itself.


You will work directly with an actual MFT expert with extensive experience, not a “sales person” who can’t speak to your needs or answer your questions. Your personalized demonstration will validate whether Diplomat MFT is a good fit for your specific needs and show you what that solution would look and feel like. The most common session components include:

  • ⦿ Discussion of your organization’s file transfer and automation requirements
  • ⦿ Review of the most relevant capabilities
  • ⦿ Live use of the administrator interface to show your solution approach in action
  • ⦿ Real-time answers to your questions and concerns

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What is Diplomat MFT?

Diplomat MFT is a high-value secure managed file transfer solution that provides full integration with your trading partners. It is a software platform that empowers an organization to automate their business file transfer and encryption processes securely, exchanging data with vendors, customers, government agencies, branch offices, and even purely internal transfers between application platforms and environments.

Will you spam me?

No, we take your trust seriously. See our privay policy. We don’t like spam, either; and we don’t have a private equity firm demanding we secretly sell your data to maximize profits. We do not sell any of your information. And we will not pester you with endless phone calls or emails. You’re free to opt out at any time.

What does MFT stand for?

MFT is an abbreviation for managed file transfer. The term was originally coined by leading market analysts who realized that this kind of platform rises well above any individual pieces and parts to provide a holistic and scalable way to manage all data exchanges in any direction. A worthwhile MFT solution enables organizations to centralize and consolidate their processes behind single pane of glass, upgrading from haphazard standalone scripts and tools to a streamlined, standardized, secure solution with auditing, alerting, reporting, and the proper support of an established commercial vendor with a long-running track record of extremely high customer satisfaction.

Is this cloud based? Do you handle my data?

Diplomat MFT is software you install on systems you control. It’s common for organizations with a heavy investment in cloud-based infrastructure to run Diplomat MFT in their private cloud environment. As the ongoing costs of cloud infrastructure and services continue to rise, it remains popular to keep Diplomat MFT running on-premises next to other application and files servers.

Regardless of your preferred approach, Coviant never touches or sees your files, does not hold your keys, and does not need or ask for any access into your operations.

Is this a file transfer tool? Do I use it in scripts?

Diplomat MFT is an application server. It is not an interactive desktop app or command line utility. It eliminates the problem of fragile and complex scripts that quickly become a nightmare to maintain and expand, with incomplete functionality and continually outdated tools. Instead, administrators use a web browser to manage the key ring, system configuration, and fill in the blanks to define the specifics of one or thousands of recurring automated processes. Those processes are executed by Diplomat MFT’s own robust scheduler, active file monitoring, or even through integration with other systems.

Does Diplomat MFT have to be an SFTP server?

No, if that’s not what you want, you don’t have to enable that capability. Some leverage Diplomat MFT’s SFTP server capability heavily, allowing their customers and vendors to push and pull data to and from Diplomat MFT. Some are glad to leave that responsibility to others and use Diplomat MFT to automate transactions between endpoints offered by others. Many do both to ensure that their needs are covered no matter the specifics of the relationship and capability of the third party.