A Thought for Memorial Day

by | May 31, 2021

Coviant Software regards Memorial Day as one of the most sacred days on the calendar.

Memorial Day is often thought of as the start to the summer season. We all look forward to the months ahead and spending days at the beach, enjoying cookouts, taking hikes in the hills and mountains, and casting a line; but on Memorial Day we should also take a moment to remember those who answered the call of military service and paid with their lives the price of freedom.

Like most organizations, the Coviant Software extended family boasts veterans of the armed services, including some who went overseas in defense of our nation and its allies and didn’t come back. It is their lives we celebrate and their sacrifice we honor.

We would love nothing more than to have an extra burger sizzling on the grill for them to enjoy with us, telling stories of the places they’d been and the things they’d seen. Or simply to laugh along with us as we throw a game of horseshoes, splash in the pool, or relax by a fire and watch as lightning bugs dot the evening sky.

Whatever your plans for today hold, we hope you’ll keep in mind those we memorialize. And if you offer thanks to a veteran for their service, forgive them if their eyes drift away to gaze at the endless horizon. They may be recalling the face of an old friend.