Diplomat MFT: Safer than Jarts (Happy Labor Day!)

by | Sep 3, 2021

The irony of Labor Day is that we are encouraged to knock off of work early on Friday and spend a long weekend not laboring. It’s the traditional end of the summer season and, while the weather is still agreeable, we should kick back and relax doing whatever sort of seasonable activities we enjoy. The team at Coviant Software celebrates in different ways. Some will gather with family around a sizzling grill, pitching (and dodging) Jarts. Others will retreat to the wilderness to climb mountains or paddle a canoe. There will be some back-to-school scrambling, splashing in a pool, or simply kicking back in a lawn chair, fingers curled around a cold beverage.

And, while we don’t want to think about it, we’ll be back in the salt mines soon enough, counting the days until Memorial Day weekend ushers in the summer of 2022. Sorry for that.

But if your day-to-day labors includes the sending of sensitive files, maybe you’d be interested to know that you can do that without much labor at all. If you are responsible for sending files that have to be secure, and reach their destination reliably, there’s a way to do it that takes advantage of process automation to encrypt, transfer, and document each transfer.

Maybe you’ve got to comply with standards and regulations like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley, FEDRAMP, the Privacy Act, GLBA, or any of the other state, federal, or international laws that dictate how certain information can be shared, Coviant Software’s Diplomat MFT family of secure managed file transfer products can help.

Enjoy your long weekend. And when you get back, give us a holler. You can try the labor-saving Diplomat MFT software for a free trial run, or we can give you a demo. Diplomat MFT isn’t as fun as Jarts, but it’s a lot safer.

Happy Labor Day!

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