A Refreshingly Fresh Tech Refresh

by | Aug 30, 2021

The idea of a technology refresh conjures images of months-long planning cycles, budget reviews and approvals, culminating in expensive rip-and-replace implementation projects where dusty old mainframe computers are hauled away in favor of the cloud. But a technology refresh doesn’t have to be all-encompassing. It may be a simple, but necessary update intended to address a specific need.

In a recent Computerworld column, Microsoft suggested five reasons for a tech refresh, none of which included a major capital program. These include:

  • Support Employee Remote Access
  • Lack of Vendor Support for Older Systems
  • Security Vulnerability Mitigation
  • Improve Ease-of-Use
  • Enable Regulatory Compliance

Big Value, Not Big-Ticket
These are all common-sense issues, and fixing or updating hardware, software, or applications to keep pace with change is a necessary aspect of managing any organization’s IT estate. In fact, Coviant Software has worked with many organizations to help address a number of these issues. Far from being a big-ticket item, our products are all on the opposite end of the cost spectrum, and yet we play a big role in helping our customers address the security of their data in motion, enable regulatory compliance for file security and privacy, and we make vital data transfers easy with a simple, intuitive user interface and automation.

Recently we’ve drawn a lot of interest in helping replace products that no longer receive vendor support, or for which customer satisfaction for an incumbent product has flagged following the acquisition of a legacy vendor. The managed file transfer business has undergone a period of consolidation in recent years, with many long-time players in the market having been subsumed into the portfolios of larger companies. Often, when that happens, prices rise and support flags. Instead of hearing from your account rep about support, you start hearing from a sales team about upgrades and add-ons and other stuff they’d like you to buy from their catalog.

Evaluate Your Options
Those changes are to be expected, and may only be a minor nuisance. But when your contract comes up for renewal and the price tag is a lot more than you’re used to paying, or you are reminded of the lack of attention and slow response you’ve been getting, it’s a good time to evaluate your options. Or maybe you’ve been informed that the product you’ve used for years is being discontinued and your choices are to buy a more expensive version, continue to use the legacy system without support, or buy a replacement from someone else.

Change can seem an inconvenience under those circumstances, but while your incumbent vendor is counting on you taking the path of least resistance, you may be pleased to learn that Diplomat MFT offers all the features you need, is able to handle whatever file transfer load you require, is easy to use, and does it all at a fraction of the price you thought you had to pay.

Refreshingly Easy
If you are thinking about a change in MFT platforms for any reason—cost, compliance, security, simplicity—Coviant Software makes it refreshingly easy. We integrate effortlessly with your on-premises or cloud systems in minutes; we feature a user interface that anyone can figure out; we automate your routine data transfer processes; we automate file encryption and audit; we are the value leader in managed file transfer; and we let you test-drive Diplomat MFT for free, or we’d be happy to give you a demo. Just fill out the form below and you’re halfway to a needed technology refresh.

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