Take a Walk Down Main Street: The Local Gas Station-Convenience Store

by | Jan 17, 2022

Can Energy & Retail Companies benefit from MFT Software Solutions?

When you think about the energy industry, the big global brands come to mind. Multi-billion-dollar organizations like ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, and Total are known worldwide and dominate the market. But when you walk down Main Street, you might find smaller operations that are part of the local landscape; fixtures to generations of those who grew up and live in small towns and neighborhoods across the country.

Up in New England, where a member of the Coviant Software team lives, Haffner’s is such a brand. Haffner’s began as a single filling station in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1925, and now operates 18 stations, as well as heating oil and propane deliveries and services. Haffner’s is hardly a global energy titan, but everyone in and around the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and even in southern Maine, knows Haffner’s and its iconic neon signs that read “It Kicks,” and that feature a bucking mule to prove it.

A Local Landmark

Haffner’s stations aren’t located on highways; they’re in town and close to where people live and work. They are a part of the personality of the Mack Valley and are used as landmarks when locals give directions.

“Drive along the canal on Dutton Street and take a left on Market when you get to the Haffner’s. You can’t miss it. Then two blocks down on the right is Tasty Dumplings. I’ll meet you there for lunch.”

Gas stations and convenience stores like those that operate under the Haffner’s brand may be a dot on the radar of the global energy industry, but they still have to manage their data and keep information secure, just like the big brands do.

Businesses (large or Small) have a Big Responsibility

Haffner’s isn’t a Coviant Software customer, but they are no different from any other business operating in the energy and retail space. For example, each station has to transfer its daily receipts and transactional data, as well as an accounting of its in-store inventory, lottery kiosk purchases, and data associated with the amount of fuel pumped. On the back end there’s payroll to manage, employee health benefits and other HR-related information, and business data that needs to be securely and reliably transferred to and from vendors and business partners.

Much of that data is expected—even required—on a certain schedule. File transfers associated with tax reports and other administrative duties with local, state, and federal authorities have to be sent on time or there could be penalties. There may be contractual agreements that must be kept. And every employee is counting on you to make sure payroll is on time, accurate, and that the sensitive information they have entrusted to you to make sure their benefits are handled efficiently, needs to be kept safe whenever it is transferred and received from third parties.

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