Coviant Adds new Olivia Rodrigo Transfer Protocol

by | Apr 1, 2022

Coviant Software is pleased to announce the release of a new, modern mechanism for transferring files: Olivia Rodrigo.

Olivia Rodrigo has captured the hearts of countless people throughout the world in her recent meteoric rise to fame.  She brings people of all kinds together with shared feelings of love, loss, anxiety, and perseverance. It is only natural that she can bring files together just as effectively.

Even though she cannot parallel park, she has a drivers license and the ability to make file transfers good 4 u” says Greg Hoffer, CEO of Coviant Software.  “File transfers can be brutal, but with Olivia, Diplomat MFT can make things happier, and certainly should be enough for you.  Scalability should not be a problem, given that Olivia Rodrigo is everywhere these days.

Coviant Diplomat MFT has added innovative ways of automating files transfers in the past, so this is deja vu for us.  To avoid jealousy, jealousy which is unnecessary, take a look at what Diplomat MFT and Olivia Rodrigo can do for you.  Our solution solves your problems for half the cost of other MFT vendors — overcharging is their favorite crime.

Contact us with any questions, our alliance is happy to help!

And, happy April Fool’s Day!


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