Coviant Software achieves MFT Quantum Advantage

by | Apr 1, 2021

Coviant Software is pleased to announce that it is the first MFT vendor to launch its platform on a Quantum Computer.  Our research team used Google’s Sycamore quantum computer — which boasts 53 qubits of processing power — to run Diplomat MFT workflows.

Google Sycamore Quantum Processor

Artist’s rendition of the Sycamore processor mounted in the cryostat. (C) Google, Inc.

Quantum computing has already been shown to outperform classical computers at certain tasks.  By applying quantum computing to secure file transfer workflows, Coviant Software demonstrates how CPU-intensive operations such as cryptography and compression become blisteringly fast.

“The system was so fast that our network team called us to ask what all the traffic was about,” says Greg Hoffer of Coviant Software.  “We ended up encrypting and compressing files so quickly that our hard disks actually started to overheat.  And the files seemed to be in two places at once, depending upon how we measured them.  It must have been some weird quantum effect.”

Although these behaviors were a bit weird, it did cause the product management team to ponder future quantum implementations of file sharing and synchronization where files appear at the destination *before* they appear at the source.  “There are wonderful file entanglement properties that can be explored. We can be first on creating a disruptive new market!” said one product manager.  The future looks bright for Coviant Software to pioneer new Quantum Managed File Transfer (QMFT) offerings to better satisfy customer demand in the future.

As you might have determined by now, this is our April Fool’s blog post.

But if you are interested in learning more about how Quantum Computing may, in the future, affect the world of cybersecurity, there are numerous upcoming opportunities to hear our CEO, Gregory Hoffer, discuss the topic of Quantum Computing and Cryptography.  Check them out below.


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