J.P. Morgan’s Changing Cryptographic Settings— A Solution

by | Mar 29, 2021

J.P. Morgan recently announced that the multinational financial services firm will change its host-to-host cryptography settings, meaning that any system that does not support their target state settings will experience an interruption in service. To avoid a sudden halt in services, J.P. Morgan is not only asking for the implementation of new SSH supported Cryptographic settings. They are also requiring their constituents to perform a Client Acceptance Testing (CAT) Self-test loop to confirm compatibility. All of which needs to be completed before May 1, 2021. Or better put, by the end of the month.Financial Data

While this news has sent many scrambling to figure out a solution, the security changes on J.P. Morgan’s SFTP server are for the better. Many existing manual solutions or hard-to-maintain scripted approaches are problematic and prone to error. It is a cybersecurity breach waiting to happen, and J.P. Morgan knows it. But there is no need to stress or scramble to figure out a solution to this sudden security change. It already exists.

Coviant Diplomat MFT effortlessly covers all the SSH Cipher, Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC), and SSH Key Exchanges (KEX) that are supported by these upcoming changes in cryptography settings. Our Diplomat MFT solution, however, does not stop there. We also elevate the managed file transfer experience by implementing features such as rich scheduling, full auditing and logging, and job notification alert features over email, MS Teams, or Slack. And along with all these ready to go out-of-the-(virtual)-box features, Coviant covers your back with our top-notch Support organization.

With more than 15+ years of experience maintaining high levels of security, we are the best at what we do—SFTP automation. Many of our customers, who currently transfer files to/from J.P. Morgan do not need to fret over these sudden SFTP server updates because their Diplomat MFT can properly connect to J.P Morgan with a click of a mouse, successfully transferring files to J.P. Morgan every day. Diplomat MFT also seamlessly implements PGP operations on files with no additional training required due to Diplomat MFT’s easy automation. With the PGP standard being a widely adopted for protecting sensitive exchanges between parties and verifying the sender of files, it comes to no surprise that J.P. Morgan also requires PGP for value bearing transactions such as Wires, ACH, Trades, or other highly sensitive data. That is why Coviant Diplomat MFT already has PGP built into its services.

But do not just rely on us to tell you how good we are, our services are also accredited by SoftwareReviews. Coviant Diplomat managed file transfer is recognized, by SoftwareReviews, as a value player in the managed file transfer market because we provide our customers the same quality services as our top competitors at affordable prices. And, with all the recent consolidations in the managed file transfer market, small firms (like Covaint Software) that provide sophisticated MFT services without inflating the cost have become somewhat of a dying breed.

While the news of J.P. Morgan shifting their Host-to-Host cryptography settings was suddenly sprung onto many, with an encroaching deadline, this fast-paced shift is because the solution is already readily available. Diplomat MFT connects with ease to all the target cryptography settings that J.P. Morgan is updating to, so why not use it as a tool to make life simpler, more secure– at a lower cost? Check out Diplomat Managed File Transfer for more information and download a free trial. And do not stress about a problem that already has a solution.

For more on how to easily secure and automate banking file transfers with J.P. Morgan, please click the image below:

Automate Secure Banking Transfers with J.P. Morgan using Diplomat MFT