Diplomat Managed File Transfer v8.0 Streamlines File Transfer Workflows

by | Jun 27, 2018

Diplomat MFT v8.0 streamlines file transfer workflows and provides deeper integration into customers’ business processes.

“Diplomat MFT v8.0 adds many new features suggested by our larger customers,” says Pam Reid, CEO of Coviant Software.  “By observing our customers’ business processes, we have been able to implement features that streamline workflows that include file transfer jobs.”

Coviant Software releases Diplomat Managed File Transfer v8.0 to improve file transfer workflows with new features including:


  • Embedding the ability to zip and unzip files directly in Diplomat MFT. Third-party zip tools are no longer required to zip files before transfer or unzip them after then have been moved.  Zipping and unzipping files is now done directly by Diplomat MFT as part of file transfer jobs.
  • Introducing shortcut keys for common steps in setting up file transfer jobs. Administrators can more quickly find keys, partners or transactions to be edited. Plus, they can reset transactions back to their most recently saved values.
  • Supporting complex job scheduling situations to meet business process needs.  Jobs can be set to run on specific days of the week or month.  Custom holiday calendars can be created to prevent jobs from running on specified days.  Or, jobs can be set to run the day before or after a specified day.
  • Improving transparency of data locations by tracking and displaying geo-location of data makes it easier to determine where data resides and ensure compliance with GDPR and other data privacy laws.
  • Enhancing cloud integration with support for ShareFile shared folders, Azure blobs and to meet the need to more tightly integrate with applications on public or private cloud sites, as well as easier data sharing with trading partners, clients or customers.