SMS Notifications with Diplomat Managed File Transfer

by | Jul 31, 2018

Email notifications to business and IT personnel are a very important feature of Diplomat MFT Standard and Enterprise Editions.  Now, you can send SMS notifications either instead of or in addition to email notifications.

Adding SMS Notifications to Diplomat MFT Transactions

1. Determine the cell carrier of the phone number to receive text messages.  Each carrier has their own SMS gateway servers.  You must determine the URLs of your carrier’s gateway servers.  Many of which are listed at Generally, each carrier will have two gateway servers.  One is used to send traditional SMS messages (usually limited to 140/160 characters) and the other is used to send multi-media messages (MMS) which have a much larger character limit.

For example, the gateway server URLs of AT&T are ‘’ and ‘’.  A quick Google search should determine those of the carrier you are interested in.

2. Once you’ve determined the URLs for your carrier, enter the notification email address into the notification fields in either the Email Notifications panel of the Transaction screen or the IT Support Email Notifications panel.

The format of the notification email address is <phone#>@<carrier-url>, where ‘<carrier-url>’ is one of your carrier’s URLs (as described above) and ‘<phone#>’ is the 10-digit phone number of the cell phone you would like to receive the text.

NOTE: Outside of North America the ‘<phone#>’ might also require a country code or additional characters.  Please see your carrier’s SMS gateway documentation.

Using the AT&T URLs mentioned above and a phone number of ‘1234567890’, the email addresses would be:


If you use your carrier’s MMS gateway, the entire notification should be able to be transmitted.  If you use your carrier’s SMS gateway, the notification will most likely be truncated.  In this case, you can also choose to send a traditional email, which will contain the entire notification, so that your user will be alerted by the text message and can then look at their email for the entire notification.