Google and Coviant power healthcare

by | May 1, 2020

Google Cloud and Coviant now join forces to power healthcare. Secure sharing of healthcare data is an important step in improved diagnosis and prevention of disease. As we all know, it is critical to accelerate the discovery of vaccines, treatments, and techniques to advance our quality of life and keeping our society healthy. Google recently announced the general availability of the Google Cloud Healthcare API.  This platform streamlines standardized data storage and analysis for healthcare applications built on Google Cloud. We’re excited to work with Google Cloud Healthcare API to power healthcare together.

Diplomat MFT now works together with Google Cloud Healthcare API to easily move your datasets. Diplomat is the first MFT solution to do so, validating the recent Info-Tech awards for product strategy and rate of improvement, ease of data integration, and overall business value.

With Diplomat, healthcare data can be moved first to Google Cloud Storage using the Cloud Storage Connector.  Check the box, fill in the blanks, and that data is then moved into the Google Cloud Healthcare datasets.  This end-to-end workflow enjoys the benefits inherent in our MFT platform:  automation, security, auditing, alerting, monitoring, and archiving.

Google Cloud Healthcare Configuration Screenshot

Google Cloud Healthcare supports popular healthcare data standards such as HL7® FHIR®, HL7® v2, and DICOM®, and provides a fully managed, highly scalable, enterprise-grade development environment for building clinical and analytics solutions securely on Google Cloud. The Cloud Healthcare API also includes additional value-added capabilities, such as automated DICOM and FHIR de-identification to ensure privacy. That’s why we’re so pleased that Google and Coviant can now work together to power healthcare.

Extending the Diplomat MFT platform to support both Google Cloud Storage for low-cost, scalable, and secure file storage and Google Cloud Healthcare API makes working with healthcare data more effective and efficient.  If you are interested in exploring how Diplomat MFT can help you with your healthcare data, please consider requesting a demonstration, or downloading a free trial.


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