Coviant Software improves compliance with PCI DSS, SOX and HIPAA

by | Mar 24, 2008

Diplomat Transaction Manager v3.5 enhances access management for better compliance with mandates, such as PCI DSS, SOX, and HIPAA

Coviant Software, a leading supplier of file transfer management software, improves access management for better security and more complete compliance with regulatory mandates. Access management is a critical component of a secure, compliant file transfer process, which includes correct identification of users and processes, granting appropriate access permission, and capture of access data for tracking and reporting.

A recent Forrester survey identified encryption and access control as the top two challenges for PCI compliance. The newest release of Diplomat Transaction Manager provides access control that integrates with pre-existing user authentication systems and captures detailed information on all user activities.

“We have found that Coviant has always provided tight data security. Now, Diplomat Transaction Manager v3.5 gives us more assurance that unauthorized users and processes cannot tamper with our file transfer jobs. With the new release, we can integrate user authentication with our Windows Active Directory Server and authenticate processes attempting to initiate file transfer jobs by requiring unique passwords.” says Diane Stephens, Senior Application Analyst at CHRISTUS Health®. “Plus, the improved capture of user activity data means that we can easily track down when and who made changes to any file transfer job.” Ranked among the top 10 Catholic health systems in the United States, CHRISTUS Health includes more than 40 hospitals and facilities.

Diplomat Transaction Manager is available in three editions (Basic, Standard, and Enterprise) that offer a range of features to effectively manage file transfers. And, Coviant’s continued adherence to industry standards lets Diplomat Transaction Manager easily interoperate with other file transfer and encryption solutions using OpenPGP-compliant encryption, FTP, SFTP(SSH), FTPS(SSL), and SQL.

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