Comply with Massachusetts Privacy Law using Diplomat Managed File Transfer

by | May 20, 2009

Diplomat Managed File Transfer suite addresses Massachusetts privacy law 201 CMR 17 requirement to encrypt personal information sent across public networks

Coviant Software, a leading supplier of Managed File Transfer software, announces cost-effective and easy-to-implement solutions that ease the burden of complying with new Massachusetts privacy law. Coviant’s products offer OpenPGP encryption and secure file transfer (FTP, SFTP and FTPS) to meet the need to encrypt files both “at-rest” and “in-transit” outside the corporate firewall.

The stringent requirement to encrypt personal information sent across public networks can be both costly and difficult to implement. Despite recent extension of the implementation deadline to January 1, 2010, many organizations are finding it difficult to roll out compliant solutions in time. “We are ready to assist smaller businesses with no in-house IT expertise meet the Massachusetts privacy law at a price they can afford”, said Jim Cutler, Coviant VP Sales and Support. “Our Diplomat Transaction Manager secure file transfer management products support PGP encryption, FTPS, and SFTP. Plus, they start under $500 including set-up assistance.”

“We are working to educate our customers and prospects about the Massachusetts privacy law,” states Pam Reid, Coviant CEO. “We have found that many organizations that routinely handle personal information of Massachusetts residents are unaware of the new regulations.” Frank Sawin, CEO at Aristonics, a company that provides telephone management services, was happy to get notification from Coviant Software about the Massachusetts privacy law. According to Frank, “We use Diplomat Transaction Manager software when we encrypt data from one of our larger Massachusetts customers, but we need to review other aspects of the regulation to ensure our full compliance.”

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