McAfee E-Business Server Replacement Program Announced

by | Sep 17, 2013

Seamlessly transition to Diplomat eBusiness Solution for OpenPGP encryption.

Coviant Software’s McAfee E-Business Server Replacement Program offers organizations that rely on McAfee E-Business Server a way to quickly address their needs for OpenPGP encryption.  McAfee no longer directly supports its E-Business Server products. Diplomat eBusiness Solution gives McAfee customers a better alternative for encrypting files that need to be transferred internally or to business partners.

A single installation of Diplomat eBusiness Solution can use OpenPGP to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify files picked up from any server – without the need to install on every server.  Trading partners can continue to use the same OpenPGP-compliant keys and software they use today.

“Customers can replace each McAfee PGP command with a Diplomat command for a seamless transition to an OpenPGP solution.”

“Customers can replace each McAfee PGP command with a Diplomat command for a seamless transition to an OpenPGP solution,” said Jim Ford, CTO at Coviant Software, “And, Diplomat eBusiness Solution’s expanded features give organizations the option to eliminate batch scripts and reduce the complexity of their OpenPGP encryption implementation over time.”

Diplomat eBusiness Solution manages OpenPGP keys and encryption jobs from a user-friendly administrator console which guides users through the process of automating OpenPGP encryption jobs to:

  • Encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify files using OpenPGP keys
  • Transfer files between any combination of internal network, FTP/FTPS/SFTP, HTTP/HTTPS or email servers
  • Send email notifications for rapid problem resolution
  • Archive additional copies of encrypted files, plaintext files or both
  • Capture job and file history audit data

Built from Diplomat MFT Standard Edition, Diplomat eBusiness Solution is configured as a full version with unlimited OpenPGP keys or a partner version for organizations with a single trading partner.

Contact us to request a live demonstration to experience how easy it is to replace McAfee E-Business Server with a Diplomat eBusiness Solution.

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