Managed File Transfer Centrally

“Coviant listens to its customers and strives to exceed expectations. Diplomat Enterprise Edition gets better and better with each new release.”

Diane Stephens

Senior Enterprise Application Analyst, Christus Health

Centrally Control Managed File Transfer

Like it or not, technical glitches with secure file transfers are inevitable. Network outages, missing files, and incomplete transmissions eventually crop up. You need a better way to centrally control secure file transfer.

Diplomat Managed File Transfer software resolves most transient problems with no intervention. After a brief pause in the file transfer job, retrying a failed operation typically succeeds. No need to diagnose the problem or rerun the failed job. The problem is corrected automatically.

When more complex problems occur, file transfer administrators need immediate visibility of the issue and the tools to quickly diagnose and resolve it – before business managers and trading partners are notified.

Diplomat Managed File Transfer software centrally controls secure file transfer to keep technical issues from becoming business problems.

Monitor secure file transfer.
Spot problems right away with real-time visibility of all secure file transfer jobs.

Reduce secure file transfer errors.
When an error occurs, Diplomat Managed File Transfer software re-attempts the failed step, before giving up. Fewer failures mean less time troubleshooting.

Quickly resolve secure file transfer problems.
Receive email or paging notifications with the data you need to quickly diagnose and resolve secure file transfer problems with information on every step of a file transfer job.

Contain security breaches.
Suspend secure file transfers if a PGP key, secure FTP account, or other network component is compromised. One-click suspends at-risk transfers until the security issue is resolved.


CHRISTUS Health needed cost-effective, high-availability Managed File Transfer software to demonstrate compliance with HIPAA and other mandates. Diplomat MFT software centrally controls Managed File Transfer and reduces file transfer problems.

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