Manage Secure FTP Transfers

It all started with a request to set up a few file transfer jobs. Not too hard at first. Then, the change requests started. Could you add PGP encryption? Use secure FTPSFTPFTPS? Send email notifications? Capture audit data and generate reports? Archive a copy of the files before you send them – and maybe another copy afterwards?

Now, you have aging homegrown file transfer scripts, programs and batch files. You can’t even keep track of the changes.

The developers who wrote the code moved on to new positions long ago. And, demonstrating regulatory compliance is almost impossible.

Diplomat Managed File Transfer replaces homegrown file transfer scripts with robust Managed File Transfer software.

  • Simplify secure file transfer logic. Rapidly design and update file transfers with Intelligent File Transfer™ design.
  • Create file transfer workflows. Make secure file transfer an integral step of any business process.
  • Monitor secure file transfer. Spot problems right away with real-time visibility of all secure file transfer jobs.
  • Meet security mandates. Demonstrate compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, SOX and other security mandates.