Trading Partner Specifications

“Diplomat couldn’t be easier to use. You download it, use a menu to set it up, schedule your transactions and walk away. From now on, all requirements for FTP at Conrail will be implemented on Diplomat Transaction Manager.”

John Turner

Conrail IT Team, Consolidated Rail

Meet Trading Partner Specifications

Creating new partnerships has become a daily activity and each trading partner agreement specifies different security measures. You try to keep up, but it’s easy to be overwhelmed by an alphabet soup of requests for FTPS, SFTP, PGP, HTTPS and other security technologies.

Diplomat Managed File Transfer can help you meet trading partner specifications by automating secure file transfers with your trading partners while integrating with your own business processes. You can customize file transfers to meet every trading partner requirement with a single solution. And, Diplomat’s Intelligent File Transfer™ design makes it easy to create and maintain secure file transfer jobs with no complicated programming or batch scripts.

  • Automate secure file transfers.
    Reduce file transfer errors by automating file pick-up and delivery.


  • Protect sensitive data. 
    Encrypt and sign data files using PGP to guarantee data is not compromised and the sender can be authenticated. Choose SFTPFTPS or HTTPS to ensure the safety of data-in-transit.


  • Create file transfer workflows.
    Make secure file transfers an integral step of any business process.
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Consolidated Rail

When a trading partner required secure FTP (SFTP) and PGP, Consolidated Rail met trading partner specifications by rapidly deploying a new secure file transfer solution. Diplomat MFT software automated their secure file transfers and provided notification of any failed transfers for rapid problem resolution.