No-Code Managed File Transfer with Diplomat MFT

by | Apr 18, 2022

Low-code/no-code platforms are a great innovation. Consistent with the convenience goals of consumerized technology, low-code and no-code platforms make it easy for non-technical staff to work with software applications and products without requiring intervention by IT support staff. Instead, the people who rely on a certain tool can drag-and-drop the essential components into place to create a custom workflow. Gone are the days of requesting a service ticket to have someone from the IT department install and configure that new tool—and hope that it works the way you need it to. Instead, low-code/no-code platforms make it possible for anyone to increase their productivity.

The simplicity and utility of low-code/no-code platforms and applications are being applied to some otherwise highly complex technologies and processes. VentureBeat writes that “every company can be a data company” when low-code/no-code tools are applied to business applications like data governance for industries like healthcare, financial services, legal, retail, and others that rely on the collection and management of sensitive, regulated data.

No Stranger to No-Code

Coviant Software is no stranger to the low-code/no-code game. In fact, our Diplomat MFT secure, managed file transfer platform is a no-code platform that put the power of no-code workflow creation in the hands of non-technical staff responsible for making sure business critical files are automatically secured, delivered, and received on-time. Whereas other MFT vendors boast about their many customizable (read: complex and expensive) options, we’ve put a lot of time and know-how into delivering Diplomat MFT with everything you need, nothing you don’t, and the simplicity of do-it-yourself, no-code configuration.

(That doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Our excellent Coviant Software support team is always available to help when needed.)

Diplomat MFT’s no-code format means business users can easily define and automate their file transfer processes from their systems to other locations, whether customers, suppliers, business partners, or government agencies, by simply specifying which files you want to process, and then selecting the source and destination of those files. Set your schedule for execution, and then select your desired parameters. Need PGP encryption, decryption, signing, or verification? Just check a box. Need compression or decompression of ZIP or GZIP files? Just check a box. Need to send notification emails upon the transaction’s success, failure, or both? Just check a box. It’s that simple.

No-Code Expertise Baked In

Behind each no-code selection are programmed all the complex protocols and automations. A Diplomat MFT user doesn’t need to bother with any of that because we’ve done all the hard work. In fact, Diplomat MFT’s approach to no-code configuration means you don’t even have to drag code “boxes” to build your desired workflows. Instead, we’ve gone to painstaking lengths to engineer Diplomat MFT to be compatible with all the requirements necessary to automate secure file transfers, whether between your organization and one other, or a network of many organizations. And whether you need to move just a few files, or execute thousands of transfers each day, Diplomat MFT is up to the task. In fact, our customers rely on us to safely transfer millions of files every day.

And even if you do know how to code and are already writing custom scripts or building applications for your organization, you should still consider a no-code solution for business critical tasks like secure managed file transfer so you don’t have to fix those bugs that inevitably crop up, re-write your scripts when a new feature is requested or required, or answer the phone at 3:00AM because something broke or a trading partner didn’t get get what they needed when they expected it. After all, just because you can write the code doesn’t mean that you should, or that it is the most effective use of your time.

Besides, that is what we do. And there’s nearly twenty years of managed file transfer expertise built into our products. PGP encryption automation? Done. Auditing documentation? Done. Alerts? Done. Automatic scheduling? Done. Archiving? Done. We know there’s a lot on the line, including your organization’s reputation, so we’ve built Diplomat MFT to be secure, and to be an integral part of your security and compliance programs. And because we believe simplicity enhances security, we’ve made using Diplomat MFT no-code easy.

Not only that, we offer Diplomat MFT at an ethical price. Why pay twice as much? Diplomat MFT gives you everything you need from a no-code secure, managed file transfer product. And because we are convinced you’ll love it, we offer Diplomat MFT for free on a 15-day trial basis.


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