Real-life Configuration and Sizing Tech Tip

by | Sep 22, 2015

Real-life example of configuration and sizing for a Diplomat MFT Enterprise Edition implementation that manages over 3,000 file transfer jobs.

I am frequently asked by our customers to recommend system configuration and sizing for their implementation of Diplomat Managed File Transfer.  We can provide fairly accurate MINIMUM system sizing information, but it is very difficult to estimate the needs of a particular customer – especially for larger customers.

So, I am sharing real-life configuration and sizing information provided by one of our customers below. This example is only an estimate since the frequency of each Diplomat job, the number of files processed by each job and the peak load of Diplomat jobs are not known.

Diplomat MFT Edition:   Enterprise
Diplomat Transactions:   3,350
Diplomat Concurrent Client Seats:   3
Diplomat Concurrent Job Monitor Seats:   1
Diplomat Memory:   6 GB*
Operating System:   Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1
System Manufacturer:   VMware, Inc.
Processor (s):   8 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 0 @ 2.70GHz
Physical Memory (RAM):   16.0 GB
Total Virtual Memory:   64.0 GB
Page File Space:   8.0 GB
Disk Size (used by Diplomat jobs):   200GB

* Refer to the knowledgebase article How to Increase Memory for Diplomat MFT Service for more information on how to increase the memory available to the Diplomat MFT Service.