How to Unzip Incoming Files with Diplomat MFT Enterprise Edition

by | Dec 17, 2014

This tech tip explains how to unzip files brought in by Diplomat MFT Enterprise Edition’s no-code approach, which requires only configuration of straightforward options.

STEP 1: Configure your INBOUND transaction to download the desired ZIP, GZIP, or TAR+GZIP files.

Here is an example that downloads all ZIP files from whatever source you choose, where we pick up files that were modified on the same day that the job executes, and after downloading we delete the file from the source location so that it is not processed again at subsequent job executions.

File Information Panel

STEP 2:  In the “Post Job Process” panel toward the bottom of the transaction configuration, choose the desired UNZIP format and specify the file pattern that you wish to unzip.  This allows you to, for example, download everything (“*”) from the source server, but only unzip those downloaded files that match a particular pattern.  Diplomat MFT even supports ZIP encryption, so you can extract files that are in an encrypted ZIP archive.

Here we illustrate using the UNZIP method to extract the contents of all downloaded files matching “*.zip” into a particular destination UNC Path.  On that destination UNC path, we include the date of the job execution in YYYYMMDD format, so all unzipped files are placed into a daily subfolder.

Post-Job UNZIP

STEP 3: Schedule the job for execution, or test it right away by right-clicking on the transaction in the left-hand Tree Navigation Pane and selecting Run Now.  Alternatively, you can navigate within the transaction configuration in the right-hand pane to the “Schedule” panel, and press the Run Now button there.

Run Now