Tools, Time, and Managed File Transfers

by | May 16, 2022

From the beginning of time, humans have created tools to make hard jobs easier. Stone axes, simple levers, the wheel…  all helped to build early civilizations and put our species on a path that would one day lead to the stars. Good tools increase productivity, giving us more time to contemplate how we might do other tasks more efficiently, leading the way to more innovation. And while those earliest tool-users were mostly concerned with hunting and gathering, today’s tools allow us to excel at a host of activities, including business.

Simple Tools are the Best Tools

Secure managed file transfer (MFT) software is a useful tool that makes the day-to-day tasks of reliably sending digital files from one place to another, securely, simply, and automatically. When you can establish workflows that ensure those vital tasks happen when they are supposed to, in the manner in which they are supposed to, it gives those people responsible for those tasks peace of mind and more time to focus on high level tasks or—better still—more time for themselves.

The thing about tools, however, is that if they are complicated and difficult to use, they aren’t of much use because people will avoid them. That’s why Coviant Software designed Diplomat MFT to be a simple, no-code, managed file transfer tool that gives the user confidence that the job of sending and receiving important files will get done. No sleepless nights wondering if the file was sent, and to the right place. Should something go wrong (an internet hiccup, for example; or someone on the other end made a change and forgot to inform you), Diplomat MFT will send an alert in whichever way you prefer: email, text, Slack message, etc.

Five Easy Steps

If you have sensitive, mission-critical files that need to get sent and received in order to conduct business, whether it is a financial institution or intermediary, a healthcare services provider, a human resources organization, law firm, governmental agency, or some other entity, you can get your secure, MFT business flows up and running in five simple steps:

  • Step One: Identify all your vendor and service partner relationships requiring the exchange of sensitive and regulated data.
  • Step Two: Locate the sources of the files you need to exchange with your vendors, partners, and agencies and map out any existing workflows used for current file transfer processes (in-house solution or vendor tools).
  • Step Three: Choose a no-code, secure, automated managed file transfer solution like Diplomat MFT to establish a simple, reliable managed file transfer workflow.
  • Step Four: Before retiring your existing solution, test all new secure, managed file transfer workflows to ensure proper operation.
  • Step Five: Take the rest of the day off, confident that your new managed file transfer workflows—secured and automated with Diplomat MFT—are happening how and when you need them to.

It really is that simple. And if you want proof, you can try Diplomat MFT for free on a trial basis, or request a demo with no obligation. One of our experts will walk you through the process, show you how simple it is, and then you can make up your own mind. Best of all, the award-winning Diplomat MFT not only distinguishes itself as a top performing secure managed file transfer solution, but it costs a fraction of what you’ll pay elsewhere. Diplomat MFT delivers enterprise grade performance at SMB prices.


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