Trigger File Based Workflows — that was easy!

by | Sep 19, 2019

run-complete-iconOften we encounter customers who need to create a specific file-based workflow that consists of transferring files from one system to another, across any one of the numerous protocols that Diplomat MFT supports (FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S, and numerous Cloud Storage vendors) only when a file set has been fully generated.  For example, a genetic sequencing machine can generate many thousands of files (BCL, FASTQ, or similar) over a multi-hour sequencing run, and the entire run must be finished before the files can be safely transferred to another location.


To indicate that the sequencing machine has finished writing the data to the filesystem, a file such as “RTAComplete.txt,” “SequencingComplete.txt,” “RunComplete.txt,” or “CopyComplete.txt” will be written to the data folder.  It is only when this file is present that a workflow should begin moving the generated files to a different location.


Try setting up a complex workflow like this in other MFT products, and you will be jumping through hoops, setting up custom scripts, and engaging in professional services.  Yet this is a pretty typical situation for batch file transfer processes!  Why does it have to be so hard?


It doesn’t.  Diplomat MFT makes it as simple as specifying a configuration option.  Simply create a transaction that looks for all the source files you wish to transfer, and adds a check for exactly one trigger file matching your trigger file pattern (e.g., “RTAComplete.txt” or “*.go”).  The Diplomat MFT system will wait patiently until that one trigger file is present before transferring all source files.  Nothing could be simpler!


This is yet another way that illustrates how the Diplomat MFT platform is squarely aimed at solving real world File Transfer Automation needs, and providing amazing solutions at tremendous value.


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