by | Mar 6, 2023

Oops. We did it again! That is, we won another award. It’s an award we’ve won before—the Cybersecurity Excellence Award Gold Medal. Our category was for software companies focused on data protection, which is central to our mission and of vital importance to our customers. Diplomat MFT is award winning software, and we’ve won Cybersecurity Excellence Award gold each of the last three years. That’s known as consistency, and we refuse to apologize for it.

Good as Gold

Cited among the reasons Coviant Software merited a gold medal?

  • Our industry leading customer support
  • A laser focus on secure managed file transfer software
  • And Diplomat MFT’s 98% renewal rate

Those are all excellent reasons for winning an award and for carving out our space in the managed file transfer marketplace, and even leaving out the fact that we’re headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, we could add a few more superlatives to the list. In fact, we will:

Wait, There’s More!

Then there’s our extensive support for industry standard protocols for transport and file encryption, on-premises and cloud-based storage and data management technologies, data capture for compliance audit verification… you get the idea. We engineered Diplomat MFT to do the things you need a secure, managed file transfer software product to do; we engineered our award-winning Diplomat MFT to do it well and without unnecessary complications; and we engineered Diplomat MFT to perform at the highest levels whatever the volume or frequency of your transfers.

Ours is a purpose-built product that doesn’t bother with unnecessary bells and whistles. Extras that complicate operations and confuse users undermine security and take away from performance. That’s not what we’re about and we never will be. We’ll let the other MFT vendors try to fool you with bright, shiny objects to justify their inflated price tags.

Our appreciation goes out to the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards and all those whose support helped us secure this honor. In its eighth year, the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards draws on the input and insights of a community of 600,000 technology and cybersecurity professionals and so we are humbled by the recognition.

Grateful to Our Community and Our Customers

“We congratulate Coviant Software for being recognized as Gold Medal award winners for North American software companies.  With over 800 entries in more than 300 award categories, the 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards program is highly competitive. All winners reflect the very best in innovation and excellence in defending against today’s evolving cybersecurity threats.” – Holger Schulze, CEO, Cybersecurity Insiders and organizer of the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

“Many thanks to Holger Schulze and everyone associated with the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. We are always grateful whenever Coviant Software—that little ol’ software company from Texas—is recognized as a leader in our industry. Whether it is by the research firms whose analysis have quantified our passion for product excellence and customer support or the awards committees that have honored us with their plaudits, we never grow tired of saying ‘thank you’ for the kind words. And we especially never grow tired of saying ‘thank you’ to the many organizations that have given us the great privilege of investing their trust in us and in Diplomat MFT.” – Gregory Hoffer, CEO, Coviant Software.

If you want to join the growing roster of healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, retail, government, legal, and other organizations across the spectrum of industry who rely on the award-winning Diplomat MFT to safely send, receive, host, and retrieve their most sensitive data, we’d love to talk to you. You’ll get straight answers from experienced and expert professionals. And if you choose Diplomat MFT, you’ll get passionate customer support for the long term. Give us a shout and schedule a review or demonstration. Thank you!