Doing Our Part for the National Cybersecurity Strategy

by | Mar 13, 2023

“We are laying the foundations for real-time global collaboration leveraging vast amounts of data and computing power that will unlock scientific discoveries and other public goods of which we cannot yet conceive.

“Achieving this vision of a prosperous, connected future will depend upon the cybersecurity and resilience of its underlying technologies and systems. We have learned hard lessons and made significant progress in the collaborative defense of our digital ecosystem. Every day, cyber defenders foil state-backed attacks and prevent criminal plots around the world. But the underlying structural dynamics of the digital ecosystem frustrate their efforts. Its components remain prone to disruption, vulnerable to exploitation, and are often co-opted by malicious actors.

“We must make fundamental changes to the underlying dynamics of the digital ecosystem, shifting the advantage to its defenders and perpetually frustrating the forces that would threaten it. Our goal is a defensible, resilient digital ecosystem where it is costlier to attack systems than defend them, where sensitive or private information is secure and protected, and where neither incidents nor errors cascade into catastrophic, systemic consequences. In creating these conditions, we can and must seize the opportunity to instill our most cherished values, as embodied by the Declaration for the Future of the Internet (DFI) and by the Freedom Online Coalition.”

A Powerful Reminder

This passage from the introduction to the White House’s National Cybersecurity Strategy is a powerful reminder of what is possible when a nation, and all free peoples of the world, work together to advance the cause of freedom and prosperity. The benefits we enjoy thanks to the interconnected digital ecosystems that exist online are amazing and have unfolded with incredible speed over the course of a single generation. Yet, they are not without risk.

To protect the safety and liberty of everyone and every organization that participates in the digital ecosystem demands that we all have tools at our disposal to protect data and privacy online; and those protections must be strong enough to make it “costlier to attack systems than defend them.”

Our mission here at Coviant Software is to be a part of that equation. We do it by building software that secures the transfer of sensitive data by automating the encryption of business-critical files and their transport over encrypted channels, making our products super easy to use, and offering our products at an ethical price. That is a simple formula, but it is far too rare.

Our Belief in Action

Our belief is that, by building our software with a security-by-design philosophy, then making it easy to use, it enhances an organization’s overall security posture. Because we do all the hard work, users aren’t likely to get discouraged and look for workarounds that defeat cybersecurity goals. And because we offer our software at a reasonable and ethical price, we remove the cost barriers that other products have. Finally, because our products come in three editions engineered to meet the varying file transfer needs of different organizations, you know you are paying for a managed file transfer platform that has what it takes to handle your needs at the scale you require.

Coviant Software may be “that little ol’ software company from Texas,” but we are also a part of the global digital ecosystem with many customers large and small, and we all take our responsibility to contribute to a stronger digital ecosystem. In our view, that is the biggest challenge to changing the fundamental dynamic the White House speaks of. Security isn’t someone else’s job; it is the responsibility of everyone and every organization whether a user, vendor, or service provider.

In addition to building a secure managed file transfer software platform that meets our customers’ needs at whatever scale they require, we work hard to be a trusted partner with them in our common goal to operate as securely as we possibly can. If you need a better way to transfer your business-critical files easily, securely, and reliably, let us know. We’d be happy to help.