Easy to Use, Gets the Job Done

by | Feb 27, 2023

When you design software there’s an expectation that whatever the product does, it must be easy to use. Long gone are the days when investing in a new application came with the assumption of protracted integration and testing cycles, weeks of user education, and keeping the vendor on speed dial for those questions that were unanticipated during sales due diligence, or that no one was paying attention to during day three of training. Today terms like ease-of-use, plug-and-play, intuitive user interface, and no-code integration are coin of the realm. If a potential customer even suspects there will be time and effort involved on their part, they’ll find another vendor. It’s not always realistic, but it’s the bar we must clear.

Here at Coviant Software we’re keenly aware of—and sympathetic to—this situation. And we also know that when a software product is difficult to use it can create more problems for the customer when users, feeling as though they’ve had a tool foisted upon them, look for workarounds that seem easier. That’s a natural response, but when the software is used to move and manage sensitive information, those workarounds often put security and privacy at risk.

Doing What Needs to be Done

Because our Diplomat MFT line of secure, managed file transfer products are engineered to help our customers securely and reliably send, receive, host, and retrieve their most business-critical information, if we didn’t make it super easier than a Sunday morning to use, we’d be undermining our core mission. Fortunately, we’ve got two decades of experience as a company getting to know the way customers actually use managed file transfer. That experience translates to a platform that is built to do what managed file transfer should do without unnecessary complications. And yes, we check all expectation boxes. Diplomat MFT offers:

  • Plug-and-play simplicity;
  • No-code integration;
  • An intuitive, easy-to-navigate user interface;
  • Process automation, and;
  • Support for all relevant protocols.

Diplomat MFT also comes ready to engage with whatever on-premises or cloud-based systems your organization uses for data storage and management, so there’s no customization required. It also delivers integral support for OpenPGP file encryption and encrypted transport protocols like SFTP; automatic capture of every step in the process to support compliance audits; and alerts should there be any unanticipated interruptions preventing a successful transfer.

Rock-Solid, Un-Festooned

We know that’s not always the case with other managed file transfer solutions. They love to festoon their products with bells and whistles that should either be standard or are unnecessary to the task. Another way they justify their high price tag is to bundle their software with whatever other products their private equity-backed holding company offers, whether it’s what you were looking for or not. Our strategy has always been to build, sell, and support a rock-solid, un-festooned MFT product that does exactly what you need it to do, performs reliably at the scale you need it to, and that allows you to focus on your organization’s mission. And because that’s what we’ve done, we’re able to offer Diplomat MFT at a price that is ethical and transparent.

Are you a small business that needs to safely send a few business-critical files to your financial institution and other partner organizations each month? Coviant Software can help. Are you a busy mid-sized organization with a network of service providers that require specific files every day, on their schedule? Coviant Software can help. Are you a large financial or healthcare enterprise handling large volumes of highly regulated data that need to be securely shared outside the organization, and backed up by documented evidence of compliance? Coviant Software can help. And because our Diplomat MFT platform is engineered to do what you need it to do simply, efficiently, reliably, and automatically, your people won’t need to find workarounds and shortcuts. That makes your organization safer and more productive.

If you’ve got questions about how secure managed file transfer software can help you manage data more safely and efficiently, reach out to get answers or a demonstration (from an expert) of how Diplomat MFT can help you.