Cloud Storage in MFT Workflows

Include Cloud Storage in MFT Workflows

Are you considering using cloud storage as a component of your IT infrastructure?

Cloud storage started as a low-cost way for teams and individuals to share files and improve productivity. But reliability and security issues kept many enterprises from incorporating it into their IT infrastructure.

With considerable improvements in reliability and security, many companies are taking another look at the benefits of cloud storage. No hardware or software to manage. Almost 100% uptime. Ability to scale as you need it. Pay-as-you-go pricing.

You probably want to try cloud storage, but how do you get started?

Diplomat MFT products can help your transition to the cloud by enabling seamless workflows between on-premise applications, cloud applications, and your trading partners.


Send files to the cloud for pick-up by your trading partners. 
Diplomat MFT automatically sends files to cloud storage sites using secure APIs supported by the cloud vendors. Your trading partners have a wide choice of how to access the files web browsers, desktop applications, mobile apps, email plug-ins, and more. Most cloud storage vendors also support secure FTP transfers, which means no changes for your trading partners if they already use secure FTP.

Pick up files needed by on-premise applications.
Use Diplomat MFT to create scheduled transfers, where “recipients” are automated processes – not people. With Diplomat MFT, you can pick up files from cloud storage sites, bring them into your local network, and then initiate applications to further process the files.

Continue to support traditional file transfer methods.
Choose the file transfer methods that meet your business needs. With Diplomat MFT, you can transfer files from your local network, your private cloud, cloud storage sites, secure FTP servers, web servers, and more.

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