How to Copy Files to Multiple Destinations with Diplomat MFT Enterprise Edition

by | Dec 15, 2014

This tech tip explains how to configure Diplomat MFT Enterprise Edition to deliver a single set of source files to multiple destinations using its built-in no-code, intuitive interface.

STEP 1: Designate the source files you are interested in downloading from a given source.  The file name patterns for matching source files is independent of where those files exist; Diplomat MFT can pull files from any of numerous file transfer technologies (SFTP, FTP/S, HTTP/S, AWS S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud Storage, and so on).

Multiple Destination File Information

STEP 2:  Designate the source server from which files will be obtained.  In this example, they reside on a network shared folder.

Multiple Destination - Source Location

STEP 3:  Specify as many destination locations as you wish in the Destination Partner Profile panel.  Each destination is unique and independent – you can specify multiple transport protocols if you wish.  Here you see 3 independent destinations:

Multiple Destination - Destination 1

Multiple Destination - Destination 2

Multiple Destination - Destination 3

STEP 4: Right-click on the transaction ID in the left nav and select Run Now  to execute a test job.

Run Now



No file transfer automation software makes it easier to transfer a set of files from one location to multiple destinations.  With flexible source name matching options, built-in PGP, and an intuitive, no-code workflow, Diplomat MFT is the best value file transfer automation platform in the world.