Do You Need to Replace RepliWeb? The Clock is Ticking!

by | Feb 4, 2021

Repliweb Software Became Unsupported Tech on January 31, 2022

NOTE: Coviant Software upgraded Diplomat MFT with features like data replication, file synchronization, and support for simultaneous file transfers to make it an even more apt replacement for RepliWeb. Check out our dedicated RepliWeb page and our Technical Product Page for Replication for more information.



Earlier this year we told you that the clock is running out on a popular file sharing software product and that it’s time to replace RepliWeb. It all started when Qlik purchased Attunity back in 2019 and, as is often the case, some popular products end up getting trimmed from the acquiring company’s portfolio. To Qlik’s credit, they have been forthright in their communications and have let their customers know that they will no longer support RepliWeb as of January 31, 2022.

If you are responsible for managing your organization’s IT, it is not a good idea to ignore those warnings. When a product becomes unsupported tech it’s not uncommon for threat actors to take advantage of the risks that inevitably crop up. It’s even worse when the products involved are vital for the management and transfer of data. The consequences can be dire.

Managed File Transfer: the Unsung Hero of Data Management

One product that some Attunity customers liked was RepliWeb MFT. Managed file transfer is an under-appreciated but essential function of a data management program, and there are a number of enterprises out there that must now embark on the thankless product review journey as they seek to replace RepliWeb before the January 31, 2022 deadline.

It’s important to know you can rely on a software platform to securely handle the task of sending and receiving files—often containing highly sensitive information. The siren song of in-house, do-it-yourself file transfer solutions has lured many a ship to founder on the rocky shores of data breach island, and so when an IT manager, CIO, or CISO finds a secure managed file transfer product that is easy to use, features process automations, supports all the right protocols and web storage services, and has built-in encryption, the investment is more than justifiable. (Especially when it’s the best value in the business.)

Advice when Replacing RepliWeb with an alternative software product

If you are a customer facing the prospect of replacing RepliWeb, or if you are considering your options because of changes to another product thanks to the recent trend of mergers and acquisitions in our industry, Coviant Software would love to help. In fact, we’ve prepared a handy guide for those of you considering how to replace RepliWeb with an alternative managed file transfer, like the award-winning Diplomat MFT.

Diplomat MFT is recognized as the industry’s value leader, offering enterprise-grade performance at SMB prices. It has all the features you need in an MFT platform, like PGP file encryption, process automation, SFTP support, auditability, and the capacity to handle both large files and large batches of files. In fact, Diplomat MFT is trusted by thousands of customers across every industry, including those with strict privacy and security regulations, like healthcare, financial services, legal, government, retail, manufacturing, and more.

Whether you are looking for a change because you need to replace RepliWeb, or if you simply find yourself in need of a secure managed file transfer solution, you can download a free trial of Diplomat MFT, or request a no-obligation demonstration.

RepliWeb MFT FAQs:

Why did Attunity RepliWeb retire on 31st Jan 2022?

Attunity was acquired by Qlik in May of 2019 to help organizations overcome the complex challenges of quickly transforming data into business value. Qlik made the decision to retire RepliWeb based upon alignment to the strategy of the wider Qlik portfolio. In addition to RepliWeb, Qlik decided to retire the following products; Attunity Connect, Repliweb R1, Repliweb MFT, Repliweb Fastcopy, Repliweb RDM and Visibility.

How long will RepliWeb be supported for?

According to Qlik and as announced by their Community Manager Jamie Gregory, they confirmed the following:

“We will continue to support these products until the retirement date – January 31, 2022. You can continue to renew your support agreements, through the retirement date. However, renewal support agreements will not go beyond January 31, 2022, even if this is shorter than your normal support renewal period. Existing support agreements that expire after the retirement date will be honored; these agreements are not eligible for renewal.  Support for any additionally purchased licenses will not extend past January 31, 2022.”


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