Coviant releases new Force-powered File Transfer Protocol

JEDI File Transfer

Coviant Software is pleased to announce the release of a new energy-efficient, renewable, fault-tolerant file transfer protocol:  JEDI (“Jedi Enterprise Decoupled Integration“).  The protocol is able to move information at high speed across multiple media, independent of latency, due to the distributed and decoupled mechanics. Utilizing advanced research from the University of Alderaan, the JEDI protocol […]

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Diplomat MFT wins 3 Cyber Security Excellence Awards

Here at Coviant Software, we work tirelessly to create secure file transfer automation solutions that delight customers. Thus, it is especially rewarding when we receive accolades from our customer base. We are so very proud to receive not one, not two, but three Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for 2020! Coviant Software Diplomat MFT won gold in […]

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Diplomat MFT 8.2 improves secure file transfer workload automation


Our aim here at Coviant is to improve the usability and flexibility of secure file transfer workload automation, while lowering your operational costs. We’ve been busy on our latest release, Diplomat MFT 8.2. This post takes you through the main changes – many of which are based on your input – and details of how […]

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Best Business Value award goes to … Coviant Diplomat Managed File Transfer

Software Review Icons

We’re delighted to have been recognized again as the leading vendor in the Managed File Transfer industry for creating business value. At a time when software vendors are consistently raising prices, we’re proud to have kept ours at the same level for nearly ten years. As a private company we’re under no pressure to increase […]

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Is our hunger for CPU speed creating Zombies, Spectres, and Fallout (oh my!)?

CPU Processing Speed

In another episodic CPU security vulnerability announcement, recent reports show that Intel faces another version of the Zombieload vulnerability, part of a class of vulnerability referred to as MDS attacks. These are evolutions of the Spectre, Meltdown, and Foreshadow vulnerabilities that reared their ugly heads in 2018  – all of which had potential to leak […]

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“I am excited to help shape what the future holds”

Mr. Eric Hall

Newly appointed Managed File Transfer expert Eric Hall explains why the future is bright for Coviant Software. It was seventeen years ago that I transitioned from my career as a network and systems administrator to the world of Managed File Transfer solutions. It is my true and distinct privilege to take the next step up […]

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Trigger File Based Workflows — that was easy!


Often we encounter customers who need to create a specific file-based workflow that consists of transferring files from one system to another, across any one of the numerous protocols that Diplomat MFT supports (FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S, and numerous Cloud Storage vendors) only when a file set has been fully generated.  For example, a genetic sequencing […]

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