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Why Choose Diplomat MFT?

Start automating your secure file transfers with Diplomat MFT and keep your data protected at rest and in-motion. Available in the 3 editions – Basic/Standard/Enterprise – to meet your specific file transfer requirements. Award-winning, cost effective and backed by the best Customer Support in the in the Managed File Transfer market. Diplomat MFT is the ideal no-code, secure managed file transfer automation software utilizing SFTP and PGP.

Better design means fewer errors and less time spent troubleshooting failed transfers. Diplomat MFT from Coviant Software will improve the efficiency and productivity of file transfer administrators, and play an important role in your organization’s data management, security, and compliance programs. That’s because Diplomat MFT can automatically tackle repetitive tasks, as well as vital steps required for all secure file transfers, thus reducing the risk of a security incident by keeping data encrypted, and minimizing the chance of human error.

Diplomat MFT enables:

• Automating File Transfers Using SFTP and PGP
• Centrally Controlling Managed File Transfers
• Compliance with Secure File Transfer Mandates (HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, PCI-DSS etc.)
• Reduction of Human Errors
• Increased Productivity
• Migrating Files Between Cloud Storage Vendors
• Payroll Data Transfer Automation
• Accounts Receivables Management
And much, much more

File Transfer Protocols

Supports Automating All Major Transfer Protocols


SFTP Server

Host or receive files for secure file exchanges with your clients, customers, suppliers, and other business partners.

External entities connect to your server using any standard SFTP client, using strong authentication and the highest levels of security.

Edge Gateway

No files are ever stored in your DMZ and require no inbound holes in the internal firewall

Securely host an SFTP server AND transfer files between your internal system and external trading partners in a secure, auditable, and compliant manner

Remote Agents

Transfer Files Using Remote Agents

Send files to or from branch locations or partner sites using built-in OpenPGP authentication and encryption, checkpoint restart, and checksum file integrity checking

Secure & Efficient

Secure And Operationally Efficient

Simple interface with options for full alerting, auditing, multi-role administration, file archiving, and extensive logging combine to make operational management pain-free

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) established national standards for the security of electronic health care information with both civil and criminal penalties for non-compliance by covered entitles, such as hospitals or physician practices.

PGP Encryption

Best In Class PGP Automation

Encrypt, decrypt, sign or verify encrypted files with a simple checkbox

Cloud Integration

Connect To A Range Of Cloud Storage Providers

Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Box, Citrix ShareFile, Dropbox, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and more

Enterprise Scheduler

Enterprise Class Scheduling And Folder Monitoring

Schedule jobs down to the minute, including Calendars for exclusions, execution time windows and more, or monitor any accessible shared folder

Workflow Triggers

Comprehensive Source File Selection And Triggers

Transfer the right files the first time by selecting by name patterns, dates, sequence numbers, all with support for trigger files for the whole batch or per-file. Specify the order files should be transferred, including time-based or alphabetically.


Control Diplomat MFT Using Its REST API

Initiate, terminate, and monitor file transfer jobs and more from app servers or using your DevOps tools or enterprise job management platforms


Diplomat can synchronize that source directory structure to any number of destinations. Those destinations are often installations of the Diplomat Remote Agent, offering extensive control, very strong security, and a high level of confidence with SHA-256 checksum integrity validation.

Basic Edition


Support and Maintenance Included





Standard Edition


Support and Maintenance Included


2 (Expandable)



Enterprise Edition


Support and Maintenance Included
24×7 Critical Incident Response




Managed File Transfer Technology FAQ’s

What is Managed File Transfer Software (MFT)?

Managed file transfer is a technology that provides the secure transfer of data in an efficient and a reliable manner.

What is File Transfer Protocol?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a technology used for moving files, but that does not include the option for encrypting data in transit. It was originally designed for use in private scientific and research networks and is based on a specification defined in 1985 by the Internet Engineering Task Force in RFC 959. FTP uses two connections to send data. Authentication data (e.g., usernames and passwords) is exchanged on a command channel, then data files are sent on a separate channel that is established after the authentication is complete. For more information, please click here


What are the advantages of MFT?

Managed file transfer is secure, reliable, and scalable to ensure your most sensitive and business critical files get where they need to be securely, when they need to be there. There are many benefits with MFT Software some of them include enhancing a cybersecurity strategy, tightening compliance as well as preventing data breaches and data loss. By automating secure file transfers with MFT software tools means businesses can limit and minimise human error.


What are common features of MFT?

Managed file transfer boasts process automation that ensures built-in processes like encryption, scheduling, documentation, error reports, notifications, and confirmations occur without human intervention.

What does MFT cost and why do prices vary widely?

Managed file transfer is a mature technology with a well-defined role in data management and security. Some vendors inflate their costs with unnecessary options, or by bundling their MFT products with other technologies. Coviant Software offers Diplomat MFT at a fair price that is often a fraction of what others charge. Our prices and features are listed here.

What are the risks of not using a professional MFT software solution?

File transfer processes built with custom scripts are risky because they are unreliable, unsecure, and prone to human error in their design and operation. Solutions like Diplomat MFT are purpose-built, secure, scalable, reliable, and backed by the organization that offers them. 

Will Diplomat MFT help my business comply with data privacy and security regulations like GDPR, HIPAA-HITECH, GLBA, SOX, etc.?

Managed file transfer can play a key role in a data privacy and security program by ensuring sensitive files are transferred securely and reliably. Read this for more information about how Diplomat MFT supports compliance programs.

How does Diplomat MFT software help to reduce business risk / prevent cyber security attacks?

Diplomat MFT is not a cybersecurity tool, but it is a secure data management tool. Because it automates the encryption of files sent and received, Diplomat MFT can play an important role in keeping data safe from threat actors and accidental exposures leading to a data breach.

What should I consider when choosing between Managed File Transfer Vendors?

There are many different managed file transfer vendors out there to choose from, offering similar software tools and packages. However, it’s important that you choose the right MFT Vendor and software solution for your business, which is fit-for-purposed and future-proofed. We advise that you capture the current set-up along with any file transfer challenges you may be encountering and then book in a consultation call or free demo session which most vendors do offer. It’s important as a business you are clear on your requirement. This way a potential vendor will be in a good position to let you know whether or not their software is a good fit for your business requirements

You may want to consider checking out review or managed file transfer software comparison websites to try and gauge an independent, unbiased view on your potential choice of vendors. MFT Pricing can vary greatly so it is always worth obtaining a few quotes for comparison and understand what you will be getting for your money. Be armed with as many questions as possible and be honest about your concerns and reservations. For example, we are used to getting asked about Cybersecurity measures, PGP Encryption, Compliance, Automation Capabilities, Replication functionality,  Data Integrity, Minimizing Business Risk & Human Error and much more.

For those clients with technical know-how who are looking to move away from custom scripted / DIY coded solutions, you may want to enquire about a free trial so you can get a feel for a low code, no code solution like Diplomat MFT. When looking for the best managed file transfer software solution for your business