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Curious to see where Diplomat MFT compares to other MFT vendors?  We encourage you to download these 3 Head-to-Head reports produced by SoftwareReviews based on data from their Quadrant report comparing Diplomat MFT to other managed file transfer vendors.

Pricing Comparison Guide 

Download the PDF version of the Diplomat MFT Edition Pricing Comparison Guide

Case Studies

Diplomat MFT Software in Action: Consolidated Rail

When a trading partner required secure FTP (SFTP) and PGP, Consolidated Rail met trading partner specifications by rapidly deploying a new secure file transfer solution. Diplomat MFT software automated their secure file transfers and provided notification of any failed transfers for rapid problem resolution.

Diplomat MFT Software in Action: Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare needed to centralize secure file transfers with a solution that would integrate into their existing IT infrastructure. Diplomat MFT software simplified management of secure file transfers while meeting HIPAA compliance requirements.

Diplomat MFT Software in Action: CHRISTUS Health

CHRISTUS Health needed cost-effective, high-availability Managed File Transfer software to demonstrate compliance with HIPAA and other mandates. Diplomat MFT software centrally controls Managed File Transfer and reduces file transfer problems.

Diplomat MFT Software in Action: Allegheny Energy

Allegheny Energy needed one integrated solution to automate PGP and secure file transfer that would scale to handle rising numbers of secure file transfers. Diplomat Managed File Transfer software reduced file transfer errors from 1-2 per day to fewer than one a week.

Diplomat MFT Software in Action: Southern States

Southern States Cooperative needed to replace McAfee E-Business Server for PGP encryption. The migration to Diplomat eBusiness Solution was completed in 3 weeks and has resulted in fewer file encryption failures, an 80% reduction in time spent troubleshooting, and an improvement in overall security.

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Data Sheets

Basic Edition

Diplomat MFT Basic Edition Data Sheet

Use Intelligent File Transfer™ design for turn-key automation of PGP encryption and secure file transfers.

Standard Edition

Diplomat MFT Standard Edition Data Sheet

Integrate secure file transfer into business workflows with easy-to-use interfaces and diagnostics.

Diplomat MFT Enterprise Edition Data Sheet

Manage, monitor and audit business-critical secure file transfers using a single point of control.

White Papers

10 Steps to Security and Compliance

How to implement and manage file transfer processes that meet both compliance and security mandates.

How to Comply with HIPAA/HITECH

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) established national standards for the security of electronic health care information with both civil and criminal penalties for non-compliance by covered entitles, such as hospitals or physician practices. The HITECH Act of 2009 extended these penalties beyond covered entities to their business associates and established more rigorous enforcement policies.

How to Comply with SOX

SOX mandates that all publicly-traded organizations demonstrate due diligence in the disclosure of financial information. Each organization must also implement internal controls and procedures to protect financial data from unauthorized access, including access that could occur through file transfers.

How to Comply with PCI DSS

PCI DSS is an assessment tool for use during compliance audits. It enhances payment account data security and help organizations proactively protect customer account data. It was developed and is maintained by the major credit card companies and facilitates the adoption of consistent data security for credit card data. Each entity that has a relationship with a credit card company, financial institution, or their agents must provide compliance validation documentation.

Managed File Transfer: When Data Loss Prevention Is Not Enough

How you can use a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution to reduce your business risk from high-risk network traffic identified by Data Loss Prevention (DLP) monitoring.

Selecting a Best-in-Class Managed File Transfer Solution

Learn the four critical components of Managed File Transfer and review our checklist to find out exactly how your current solution measures up.

Meta Privacy Ruling Puts Data Transfer Back in the News

Want to avoid the ire of the Data Protection Commission? Invest in the right compliance tools and expertise.

A List of Data and Privacy Protection Regulations

Privacy and Security Regulations are more than HIPAA and GDPR. Here’s a small list of regulations that illustrates that point.

Coviant Software and PCI DSS 4.0 Compliance

In less than a year PCI DSS 4.0 takes effect. Coviant Software is here to help you comply.