Industry News: Coviant Software Predicts 2024 Cybersecurity Trends

by | Dec 1, 2023

It is a holiday tradition for VMBlog to solicit technology and cybersecurity trends for the coming year. And it is a tradition for Coviant Software to offer annual prognostications. This year we see spiritual revivals, supply chain rethinkings, more regulations, and bigger budgets. You can read our complete thoughts in the 2024 Modern Data Center Technology Prediction Series here.

Coviant Software’s industry niche found itself in the crosshairs when some vendors’ products were exploited by ransomware gangs in a series of digital supply chain attacks that have proven devastating for those organizations affected. Researcher Bert Kondruss’ KonResearch site has been compiling the numbers associated with one of the managed file transfer product attacks and has it at 2,401 organizations directly affected (not the partners downstream), and as many as 77.1 million individuals whose data has been compromised as a result. It’s almost enough to make someone want to leave it all behind and live like a hermit in the woods.