Automate OpenPGP Command Line

How to Automate OpenPGP Command Line

PGP is your encryption standard, but PGP command line tools make the simplest encryption task difficult and time-consuming.

You started with a few command line scripts. Now, you have dozens or hundreds. You can’t possibly manage and maintain them all.

Diplomat Managed File Transfer software simplifies PGP encryption – whether you choose Diplomat’s PGP command line console for leading tools (such as McAfee® E-Business Server and Symantec® PGP Command Line Server) or Diplomat’s built-in OpenPGP encryption.

Either way, you can automate PGP encryption with an intuitive, easy-to-use application. You get robust PGP-compliant encryption while taking advantage of Diplomat Managed File Transfer software’s business-critical secure file transfer features.

  • Simplify PGP file encryption.
    Easily create and maintain PG encryption jobs. No complicated programming or batch scripts to encrypt or decrypt files. Diplomat Managed File Transfer issues the right PGP command when encryption or decryption is needed.


  • Automate PGP encryption. 
    Schedule PGP encryption jobs to run automatically run by minutes, hours, daily, or monthly. Plus, manually initiate PGP encryption jobs when needed.


  • Protect PGP pass-phrases and other senstive data.
    Protect authentication information, such as private key pass-phrases, and login information. Since PGP encryption set-up data is encrypted before being written to disk, you no longer need to worry about sensitive data in unprotected batch files.

Allegheny Energy needed one integrated solution to automate PGP and secure file transfer that would scale to handle rising numbers of secure FTP transfers. Diplomat Managed File Transfer software reduced file transfer errors from 1-2 per day to fewer than one a week.

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